Round 13, 2017

This week we were inspired by Pies player Jeremy Howe’s spectacular mark during the Queen’s Birthday clash against the Demons at the MCG. For Pies’ fans we will focus on this, rather than the result, although the Dees should certainly be delighted by the outcome.


Picture: Mark Stewart Source: News Corp Australia from Fox Sport report

This sent us to look for historical images of marking. We could probably have an ongoing series – but for now – we have some favourites to share. The State Library of South Australia has some fantastic photos in its collection and we particularly liked this one for not only the heights players reached, but the hat wearer on the left and the onlookers to the right.


West Adelaide and Norwood Football Players going for a mark during a football game in Adelaide, c 1905 from the State Library of South Australia


While this photograph of a footy premiership in Brisbane in 1907 doesn’t capture any significant heights, there is some interesting headwear which we thought deserved an audience.

Australian Football Premiership Finals Brisbane Queensland 1907

Australian Football Premiership Finals, Brisbane, Queensland, 1907, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, 1907 from The Queenslander, 14 September, 1907, page 25.

And returning to Melbourne and a clash between the Pies and Saints from somewhere between 1935 and 1945.


Marking contest, St. Kilda vs Collingwood football match, Charles Oliver collection. State Library of Victoria.

In preparing this post we did consult The University of Melbourne’s resident Collingwood expert, Professor Joy Damousi, whose close analysis revealed no.18 to be Leo Morgan, a wingman in the 1935-1936 Pies Premiership Team, and believed another to be Marcus Whelan, centre man (Brownlow 1939 and 1935 premiership player).

Please get in touch with any further info and we’ll work on updating the State Library of Victoria’s catalogue so that the footballing past is preserved as accurately as possible!

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