Round 6, 2017

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We thought we’d grab this opportunity, while we can, to pay tribute to one of the undefeated teams this week, the Tigers. To do this we’re heading to 1920 – a glorious year for those from Tigerland – the team didn’t lose a match until round 10. The Footy Record of round 6 in 1920 described them as ‘the terrifying Tigers, who have eaten up the four teams who dared cross their path this season’. (p19)

The main feature of the footy recorded was the previous weekend’s clash between South Australia and Victoria. How we miss State Of Origin footy. On this occasion while ‘Victoria was out to win…they were beaten, and brilliantly beaten’ by South Australia who ‘were a team of Racehorses’ apparently! (p3) The final score: South Australia 10.11 (71) to Victoria 9.12 (66). (p5)

Indeed it sounds like a game where we might say football was the winner. Columnist ‘Chatterer’ reported that ‘Compliment and congratulation fell on the conquerors like confetti on the star performers at a wedding’ and there ‘was a grand sporting crowd’ ready to ‘cheer for the heroes from over the border’. (p3)

This loss was deemed to ‘have a great effect’ for football in Victoria as while Victorians might believe that ‘our football [is] miles ahead of that in South Australia’ the result showed that there was ‘no justification for the continuance of that imagination of superiority’. (p3)

Could this be as a timely warning for today’s undefeated Tigers heading off on Sunday to set themselves against another undefeated side in the comp, the formidable Crows? But if the Tigers follow through on the 1920 season they might just win the flag … that, however, could be looking too far into the future.

Alongside the on-field battles are those that occur off-field, and just like today where both the women’s and men’s competitions salary deals have come under controversy and scrutiny, in round 6 of 1920 the issue was a live one too. The salary then was linked to that of politicians – with it being asked if ‘other public men, such as footballers, should have a cut for more coin?’ (p5)

This week, as we turn to the games, it looks like there will be a few close ones. For those involved in tipping competitions, it seems the only option is to tip with your heart!

(image above from the 1920 State of Origin game, viewable through the State Library of South Australia)



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