Round 7, 2017

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Hawthorn’s win-loss ratio this year has surprised us somewhat – although it has particularly delighted Saints’ fans who created a banner that is one of the best we’ve seen this year.

The Hawks have had some dark patches in the past too. Their longest consecutive losing streak was 27 games – it began in round 16 of 1927 (Blues won by 28 points) and concluded after round 6 of 1929 (Footscray won by 63 points), when Hawthorn beat South Melbourne by 19 points at Glenferrie Oval. Given this – we thought we’d head to round 7 of 1929 of our key primary source, The Footy Record.

Hawthorn, also known then as the Mayblooms, didn’t feature in the record – but another series of interstate matches were reported in detail. ‘The Saussies’ (aka South Australians) had played Victoria and although ‘They were a really smart team’ that ‘opened dashingly’, Victoria added ‘yet another win to the long list of Victoria’s successes against the South Australians’. (3)

A Victorian team had played in Sydney. Victoria won, unsurprisingly it seems as they usually beat New South Wales ‘almost without effort’. (11) The battle between codes of ball games was discussed in the Record, and it was noted that ‘Old Melbournians’ living in Sydney ‘must have felt glad, and doubtless would like to be back in old Melbourne town to see the big League clubs fighting their battles’. (11)

The cellar dwellers at the start of round 7 in 1929 were Hawthorn and North – both not having won a game. The Pies were undefeated on top of the ladder with Carlton one game behind on five wins. This week the Pies will play the Blues – and regardless of where they are on the ladder, as always it should be a significant clash.

And for those Blue Baggers with some cash to spare and/or those in need of Carlton season tickets for 1874 or 1876 get your bids in at the upcoming auction. (Thanks to reader Sandro for alerting us to these historic gems.)

For those readers who – like us – are in tipping competitions, we note that the tippers in The Age will now have their tipping seasons disrupted by the job cuts and subsequent strike. And we must all remember to get our footy news elsewhere this weekend #fairgofairfax!

tip well, strike well,

Mary and Jordy

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