Round 17, 2017

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We’re still trying to learn the words to the GWS song, and the last two weeks haven’t helped as GWS has had two drawn matches. The last time a team drew twice in a season was in 1921, and the team was Carlton. We thought this was a perfect opportunity to return to reading the footy record, which we’ve missed.
So we turn to round 17 of 1921, which was on the 10th of September: Carlton, Richmond, Collingwood and Geelong were all in the hunt for the ‘season’s prize’. (p3)
While now the Pies head to Arizona for pre-season training, in 1921 they had ‘secured their place’ on the ladder defeating St Kilda and so were ‘taking a [mid-season] spell by a trip … to Wonthaggi’. They took the early train on Saturday and were due back on the Monday morning. ‘Chatterer’ felt they would ‘enjoy themselves’ as ‘they have had an anxious time latterly owing to the none-too-sure feeling about being one of the Fancy Four’. (p3)
Unlike what we saw last weekend, in 1921 the Tigers had played well the previous week, beating Essendon by 35 points. ‘Chatterer’ had ‘never seen such accurate and methodological passing’ and the Tigers ‘were as quick as lightning in slapping the ball on, and their tick-tacking from the centre to the forwards could not have been improved’. (p11)
And just like the recent on-field violence, this was an issue in 1921, with Chatterer commenting on umpires not reporting a Melbourne player who (allegedly) struck a Fitzroy footballer. Chatterer declared that ‘The football field is not the place for fighting’ and ‘a meeting of players who want to work off their tempers’ could be arranged at ‘the Stadium’ which is an appropriate place ‘for pugilistics’, ‘not the football arena’. (p 19)
No violence has been reported in tipping competitions as far as we’re aware – but with the season we’ve had, things are probably getting tight for us all, and it’s understandable if things become heated.
Following advice given to the riders in the Tour de France who are no longer in the running to win the Tour, the only option is to go for stage wins – we urge all tippers in the commensurate position to go for glory in trying to win the round!
Tip boldly and aggressively,
Mary & Jordy

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