Round 1, 2017

We begin our historical news in 1955 – the year following Footscray’s first glorious premiership in 1954.
The footy record of 16 April 1955 spelled it out for readers: ‘F-O-O-T-Y! The name is magical’ and as we know today ‘For weeks it’s been on everybody’s lips’. (p3)
They knew then, as we do now, that for fans we ‘could hardly wait for the greatest day of the year – the opening of another … football season’. (p3) And for all tippers it’s the beginning of another year of tipping where we enjoy seeing friends and colleagues’ ‘enthusiasm – even fanaticism at times’. (p3)
1955 saw a pay increase for players who would then earn between 5 and 6 pounds per match ($165–200 in today’s money) which was deemed ‘not too bad for a part-time occupation’; as well as conflict over Tasmania not releasing players to play in Melbourne teams, and outrage at attempts to have footy known as ‘Rules’ (pp 4¬5, 11, 28).
Like the game itself, we hope all those participating in tipping competitions will be ‘provide[d] such breath-taking enjoyment and last-minute sensations that turn certain defeat into glorious victory’ (p3). Whatever the outcome, footy is (usually) the winner.
We hope your team wins!

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